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About Fortuna

La Fortuna

The first person who lived in La Fortuna came here in 1930, he’s Jarquín Martial a Nicaraguan, originally settled in what is now known as Hacienda el Río Fortuna.

On 1932 came others habitants Elías Koper, Alberto Quesada, Juana Vargas Ricardo Quirós, José Garro, Rufino e Isolina Quesada, Juan Ledesma, Porfirio Rojas, Julio Murillo and others gradually were settled as a result of the fame they acquired the land.

Initially, this community was a village district of Los Angeles in San Ramon and is until 1950 when La Fortuna and La Tigra, translates a movement that concludes with a plebiscite where their habitants will belong in the future to San Carlos.

This community is as know as El Burío, and due to the  producto de la quality of the land, the neighbors changed the name to La Fortuna. The first settlers of the 30′s classified the Area as one of the most dangerous. Eight victims cite the first inhabitants, including Lupicio Quesada who died in an attempt to reach the land.

In 1952 along with Tigra, states district number seven from San Carlos to La Fortuna. It is from this date when the district begins to blossom and gradually becomes one of the most important in terms of production in the area.
In 1968 the Arenal Volcano, which until then was a harmless hill, erupted and buried the community of Pueblo Nuevo, killing over a hundred people. District lands lose much value and many of its residents left the place. However, gradually, the spectacular eruptions of Volcano attracted tourists, and the paving of the road by the year 1982, La Fortuna begins to undergo a transformation from an agricultural to tourism, which today is the main generator of resources in the area.

La Fortuna is the San Carlos’ number 7 district, is located 46 kilometers from Ciudad Quesada, covers an area of ​​225 square kilometers and a population of 5,707 inhabitants.


La Fortuna have a high school and a lot of schools in all the community, for his blessing to be a huge attraction district, the population has had to go in different fields preparing to receive nacionals and foreign tourists.


La Fortuna has limits with Monterrey, Tilarán, La Tigra, Monteverde and Florence.


In this district there are all the facilities that a person needs to live, and visitors equally offers you hotels and restaurants, and beautiful natural attractions like the Arenal Volcano, The Dam, The Fortuna River Waterfall and a large variety of tours.

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