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Casa Luna Hotel, La Fortuna, Costa Rica

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Children Rain Forest

After breakfast we start our tour. To arrive to this destination we drive for about 45 minutes in minibus and later we will continue in a 4×4 car for 1 hour to the scientific station of Pocosol, driving around a volcanic lake at an altitude of 1.100 meters.

We will hike on the trails for about 4 hours to admire the surrounding ecosystem of primary forest and small volcanic fumaroles.

The station of Pocosol was built with the purpose of housing investigators; however, it has the basic necessities for tourists. This station is property of the Reservation Eternal Forest of The Children that is administered by the Monteverde´s Concervationist Asociation, and it is classified as one of the most important and oldest private reservations in Central America protecting more than 17.000 hectares.

On the paths and with our nature guide we will discover different species of animals as the deer, the pecari, the bustling monkeys, congos and birds like the toucan, the oriole, and different humming birds, also the bird parasol, nests in these forests.

Departure: 7:00 a.m.
Arrivals: 5:00 p.m.

Includes: Bilingual Nature Guide, transportation, entrance fee and lunch.

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