Casa Luna Hotel & Spa

Unforgettable Experiences
Casa Luna Hotel & Spa concept derives from a 100% nature loving consciousness, and the vision of being an ecotourism model.

It is located in a small and friendly town called Fortuna in San Carlos, with an amazing and close view of the Arenal Volcano, one of the youngest and most active volcanoes in northern Costa Rica.

Our rustic-colonial architecture lies among beautiful and peaceful gardens and is situated in a very safe area; according to volcanologists studies.

There’s a great view of the “Cerro Chato”, which is actually an inactive volcano next to the Arenal. This majestic sight in the horizon is enhanced with “Los Perdidos”, another hill that creates the feeling of being surrounded by mountains.

Casa Luna Hotel & Spa promises unforgettable experiences, offering a relaxed and comfortable vacation in an exclusive familiar atmosphere.

We are truly convinced that our planet’s future depends on our actions today, which is why we offer eco-friendly tourism with an honest concern about protecting mother nature.

Casa Luna Hotel & Spa is a property owned by german and costa rican partners.

As a product, Casa Luna Hotel & Spa can adapt to individuals as well as groups (our rooms are equipped with two double beds which permit a maximum of 4 people per room).

Casa Luna Hotel & Spa is a perfect place for green consumers that would like to enjoy nature in a comfortable atmosphere.

Green Philosophy

Hotel Casa Luna & Spa was created to offer personalized service in harmony with nature.

In order to fulfill this objective, the hotel was constructed using reforested wood, contaminate free paint, roofs of recycled plastic, and an energy saving electrical system was installed.

Another important effort was placed on creating extensive inviting gardens that would offer a distinctive touch. The gardens were created using native plant species and taking advantage of the rain water of the area, in order to create ecosystems that would attract flora and fauna, including some wild animal species. The gardens are constantly being renovated and renewed.

The hotel worked to regenerate the areas around the river which flows through the property and there are now small forested areas where you can observe a large variety of birds like toucans, turkeys, and hummingbirds, as well as iguanas, lizards, turtles, and howler monkeys.

Many of our rooms also offer amazing garden views where you can delight in the variety of flora species.

Our primary objective is to offer an enchanting experience to our guests, where they may enjoy the natural beauties as well as the comfort of our eco-friendly rooms, with lights that automatically shut themselves off, low energy air conditioners with no toxic gas emissions, and our biodegradable products such as shampoos, bath soap, and cleaning agents.

We have also employed other important features and practices, such as natural sun-drying of laundry, which saves a great deal of electricity, waste separation and recycling, supporting conservation projects such as that of EcoCentro Danaus and FUNDEVOLCA (Arenal Volcano National Park Foundation).

At Hotel Casa Luna & Spa, you can observe the activity of the volcano from one of the safest points throughout the surrounding communities, as well as enjoying the impressive views of Chato Hill and Lost Hill, in harmony with nature.

La Fortuna Attractions

La Fortuna is a privileged area due to the amazing scenic beauty that surrounds this small town, particularly the impressive Arenal Volcano, cataloged as one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

The Arenal Volcano began its active period on July 29, 1968 after having been dormant for more than 500 years. On this fateful day, the volcano destroyed two small towns located on its northeast and southeast sides. This eruption gave way to the prolonged lava flows that continue to this day. These spectacular Stromboli eruptions have given Arenal its fame since they are a delight to see and do not pose any danger to visitors or locals.

There are different places around the volcano where you can enjoy this natural spectacle, such as the National Park, the Silencio Look Out, and the 1968 Look Out, to name a few of the most popular. From our hotel you can see the activity of the main crater, since we are located just 5 kms to the east.

In addition to the majestic Arenal Volcano, you will find many other attractions, such as the Arenal Lake – surrounded by the exuberant beauty of the rainforest which protects its banks. This large lake is ideal for sport fishing, windsurfing, kayaking, bird watching, and more.

The La Fortuna Waterfall is located at a short 5 minute drive from Hotel Casa Luna & Spa, where you will discover the beautiful 60 meter falls, submerged in the rainforest. You can enjoy a refreshing swim in the clean fresh waters of the Arenal River. This Project is administered by the Development Association of La Fortuna, which makes your visit more tan just a way to enjoy this memorable place, but also a way to help in a variety of local community projects.

Other places to visit include the Arenal Hanging Bridges, Ecocentro Danaus, adventure tours like canopy, rafting, Canyoning, horseback rides, and ATVs, and just a short distance from La Fortuna you can visit the Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge, the Venado Caves, and the Peñas Blancas River.

What are you waiting for to escape to Hotel Casa Luna & Spa to enjoy all of the wonders of Arenal!