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Casa Luna Hotel, La Fortuna, Costa Rica

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Sustainability Policies

General Policy

  • Casa Luna Hotel & Spa is a hosting company committed to satisfying customer needs, consisting of employees with moral values that enable participatory and integrated action to promote conservation and protection of natural and cultural resources, and strengthening corporate social responsibility.


  • Casa Luna Hotel & Spa is committed to ethical standards and compliance with applicable national and international laws. To achieve this we ensure compliance with the following laws: Sexual Exploitation of Children, National Archaeological Heritage Act, Sexual Harassment Law, Law on Wildlife Conservation, Law on Trafficking and Illegal Substance Use, Forest Law, Organic Law of environment, Law on Equal Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities, smoking ban.


  • The daily activities of Casa Luna Hotel & Spa are governed under the framework of sustainable tourism, aiming to follow the guidelines of environmental practices that minimize the negative impacts.
  • In the company we declare commitment to the environment to avoid any extraction or marketing of wildlife products forbidden by law.
  • We have no species in captivity in our facilities, we undertake to prevent and report mining and captive wild species and by individuals or companies.
  • In situations that warrant, report any source of pollution emissions in the vicinity of our company to the respective authorities, which are affecting the environment and the welfare of society.
  • (We) do not feed the animals artificially. Added to this we discourage our clients to do it, explaining the reasons why it is counterproductive to feed them.
  • The wood used to build the hotel is for timber harvested and reforested is not cleared of primary forest.
  • The tile used on the roofs of the hotel is prepared from recycled plastic.
  • We have gardens consist mainly of native species in the region, and those that are introduced ornamental character are not spreading to other regions, because we look for ways to control its spread.
  • We promise to print the promotional and marketing material for free UV coverage for our next printing.
  • We support major environmental initiatives such as Adopt a Tree Project Foundation and El Arenal Volcano Ecological Blue Flag Program, encouraging customers to be part of this program and our employees.

Solid waste management

  • The interest of Casa Luna Hotel & Spa is also reflected in their management practices for proper management of solid waste generated within the company. In this way our company has a program called solid waste management, “Reuse, not abuse.”
  • We work to deliver our solid waste to the Recycling Project Thirteen Women of Zeta since 2007.
  • Separate waste paper, plastic, aluminum, cardboard, glass and organic matter through different vessels within the hotel premises. Also there are two containers in each room so that the client separate waste into recyclable and non recyclable.
  • We have a collection center where they are kept and stored waste while in charge of Recycling Project Zeta Thirteen men gather them, is properly labeled for that classification is as efficient as possible.
  • We digesters, septic tanks, drains and grease traps. The latter are cleaned every Tuesday of the week, and every day is adhered enzymes or bacteria to help decompose the material for better water treatment.
  • We are committed to reuse the paper so that we avoid unnecessary expense, where possible, we will use computer resources for sending and archiving of internal and external.
  • We are responsible for printing most of our recycled materials or produced through appropriate material that does not use trees for their realization. We also commit to print on both sides of the leaves, in order to reuse the paper.
  • We participate in the Fortune Recycling Campaign, recycling every first Thursday of each month, providing materials such as gloves, alcohol gel, and also through volunteerism of our employees.
  • The soaps used by customers are reused to wash laundry or clean clothes to remove stains.

Energy saving

  • Since our inception the vision of Casa Luna Hotel & Spa has always been focused on the appropriate use of natural resources without reaching an unnecessary waste of these or a burnout. Therefore we implemented an energy savings program which has the name of : “Energy, Turn it off.”
  • We have an energy saving system in the rooms, which is that the customer must insert the card next to the room key in the white box located on the wall of the room for electricity and light goes off, leaving must remove it to avoid wasting energy. If the client leaves it in and it is outside our facilities maids are responsible for bringing it to reception where they are committed to inform and sensitize the customer of the importance of using this system to avoid unnecessary power consumption.
  • The allocation of rooms is done in an organized manner by the receiving department. It is pre assigned rooms continuous forms to complete a module, so that is coordinated with the departments of housekeeping and maintenance to disconnect and disable modules that are not going to be used.
  • The customer is informed at the check in for use of the refrigerator in the room to turn it on, because it is off for reasons of energy savings, while informing is not united to the saving system energy to keep products within it remain in good condition.
  • We encourage our customers and partners to be part of our energy saving program, promoting off lights, unplugging equipment and the use of natural lighting and ventilation as needed, to make better use of energy.
  • Receiving lights and the outer wall and walls are gradually switched on, the first one and then the other, so as not activate all at once. This action is the responsibility of the receiving department.
  • It stipulates the lights off the hotel corridors maximum at twelve o’clock when they are busy, if they are unemployed will not light.
  • Energy saving is reflected in the installation of solar dryer for the laundry area to avoid using dryers for drying clothes away.
  • The bulbs in all company facilities comprise mainly energy saving lamps.

Water saving

  • Our green philosophy is linked closely with the water savings for better utilization. We promote a water conservation program called: “Not a drop more.”
  • We encourage our employees and guests to implement water saving measures that allow a rational use of resources.
  • We delay the program change of bed linen and towels called “Sleep Aware Ecologically”, where the customer decides whether to clean your room, or if he does not wish to change the bedding and towels. We encourage customers to become part of the program when more than two days stay at the hotel.

Social support

  • Cooperate with neighboring communities and its people, ensuring that they benefit from the visit of our customers while we seek that they respect the local way of life.
  • We hire local people specifically from La Fortuna and its surroundings, providing economic benefits that are a source of improved quality of life of the community.
  • We work actively with local and national organizations in the promotion and practice of sustainable tourism.
  • We ensure that our suppliers are national, regional or local authorities to promote local economic development through small and medium enterprises. For example, for the birthday celebration every month of the company contributors, we contact a small business in the La Fortuna community; our decoration is made under national artisans, specifically corresponding to wrought iron, paintings located in rooms and other hotel facilities.
  • We promote a healthy work environment free of illegal drugs. We report to the relevant authorities of any activity , use or sale of such substances, either that develop some of our employees, suppliers or customers or any situation that is being developed by our company.
  • We defend and protect our children and adolescents from sexual exploitation and prostitution, by Reporting any illegal activity know and educate our employees and customers regarding this issue.
  • We work annually with the delivery and donation of school supplies to low-income families close to our facilities, integrating partners that they also make a pledge to this campaign.
  • On behalf of our company, the Foundation for the Palliative Care Unit at Children’s Hospital receive our support through the donation of nights to be raffled at the events that this organization does in order to raise funds for the foundation.


  • Preference is given to purchase from local suppliers, environmentally certified suppliers, biodegradable products, reusable and organic contaminants that do not contain harmful ingredients to human health or the environment. Not acquire, use or sell substances or products that have environmental or social contraindications.
  • As part of our philosophy of buying canned products, are acquired in large containers and prefer glass containers or recyclable metal, also we reuse or exchange the containers to prevent buildup of debris.

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